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Pronunciation and intonation are often ignored by English learners and teachers on English courses. Students achieve a high level of efficiency in grammar, vocabulary and writing, but are not able to speak with clarity in speech. They simply are not able to develop their potential in speaking and listening, this often leads to inexpressive communication in English.

How this course will help you?

Power of pause

While writing English we add a comma, full stop, exclamation etc. To make the reader understand written material better. How do you do that while speaking? That's where stress in English is helpful. It helps you convey your message clearly by adding the right pauses.

Connected speech

We don't speak like robots in real life nor we speak text book English. Word endings are often combined in sentences giving it a natural flow and rhythm. Mastering the art connected speech with the right word stress  will make you a great communicator and people will be astound of your new speaking style.

Spoken accuracy & clarity in speech

Words are often mispronounced if you apply the wrong stress. Many words in English change their meaning with incorrect stress. Learn to correctly stress verbs, nouns, compound verbs, syllables within words to sound more clear and expressive while speaking.

Intonation & Pitch

English is a language of emotions. We, humans express our emotions all the time, but does that reflect in your voice. Learn when to go up, down, change your pitch to express emotions correctly. Master the art of speaking immaculate English.

What Will You Learn?


I am an experienced linguist, who holds his ESL/EFL (English as a second/Foreign language teaching) qualifications from the University of Cambridge, the U.K. and GreyStone University, Canada.
I have worked for about a decade at a variety of international language schools, namely- International Language School of Canada, British Council, Poland and International House, Germany.
I am fully and overwhelmingly dedicated to teaching. I believe in developing relationships and engaging students in lessons that involve LEARNING BY DOING! My Simple goal is to help people excel in their endeavours to speak like a STAR!
Should you feel interested to join me on this practical journey of excelling in the art of communication and accent - Get Started!

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