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Smart English For Every day Conversation

Trainer - Sara

Language - British English

Category - Vocabulary & Phrases

Validity - 60 Days 

Skills Learned - Everyday English Conversation

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What Will You Learn?

This free course is designed to learn advanced English vocabulary & expressions for everyday English conversations. You might wonder why your English doesn't sound fluent even though you know all the grammar rules. You are probably using basic English words and expressions, which sound flat and dull. Replace basic English words and phrases with more advanced expressions to improve your English fluency. This Mini English course will teach you 50 Smart English words and expressions, mostly use by native English speakers along with plenty of example sentences to use in your everyday English speaking.

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I am a native English teacher from England. My lesson plans will help you advance your English level and speak English with a natural flow. 

I speak the standard British accent (RP -received pronunciation). My accent and voice will give you a good listening practice. As we learn to communicate a lot though listening. 

I believe that learning English should not be boring and dull, but rather a fun process. I always make my lesson plans easy to understand and remember keeping in mind the difficulties faced by non-native English speakers. Over 5 Million English learners have joined me to improve their English communication skills, faster and better. 

Come JOIN ME in this journey to English Fluency.

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