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80+ Concept-Based Lesson Plans With 📋 250+Quizzes & PDF Study Notes 📑

Learning Grammar Will Be Fun and Easy To Remember.

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Are you ready to become an English language expert? This well-designed English Course level (Upper Intermediate B2- Advanced English C1) is designed just for you! 🌟 Join us on a fun and exciting journey where you will learn advanced English up to the C1 level. This online English course includes 80+ smartly designed lessons covering everything you need: functional grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structures, listening practice, reading, and writing. We want to ensure you understand each lesson thoroughly, so after every lesson, there's a quiz to test your knowledge! 🔍 But that's not all! You can also download study notes for each lesson in a convenient PDF format & learn on the GO! 

This advanced English course covers two levels: B2 and C1. You'll gain the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in various everyday situations. 💬We understand you're busy, so this course is designed to fit your schedule. It's practical and efficient, allowing you to learn English quickly and effectively anytime, anywhere, on any device. With over 250+ English quizzes, you'll have plenty of opportunities to master the advanced English language. Practice makes perfect! 🎯This easy-to-follow practical online English course focuses on language acquisition rather than traditional learning methods. You'll be speaking English fluently in no time! 🗣️ Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to become fluent in English faster. 

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Carefully Designed Lesson Plans

We understand the issues faced by non-native English learners pretty well. Each lesson plan in this course is designed quite carefully to make you know the most challenging grammar concepts quickly. You will get enough practice exercises to revise what you have learnt so that you can use it in your daily conversations efficiently. Each lesson focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking, which are the 4 core elements of learning the English language. You will never feel you are studying alone; you will get an immersive classroom experience.

Downloadable PDFs

For each lesson plan, a downloadable PDF will give you the flexibility to learn on the GO and revise what you have learned from the video. With this convenient feature, learning never has to stop. You can view the PDF with our built-in reader with the convenience of bookmarking pages for easy access whenever you need them with just one click. Access our study material on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, making it easy to fit language learning into your busy schedules. The idea is to build your language skills through constant revision and gain the confidence to communicate effectively in English.

Social Learning

When you learn, doubts are inevitable. It's part of the learning process. You will get access to our community forum (Like a WhatsApp group), where you can connect with other learners like yours. Ask questions and get them answered through our expert teachers. Discuss your learning goals with other learners in the course. We believe that in today's social media world, getting to know someone with the skill level as you make learning easier. You are not alone; you will be a part of our platform's growing community of learners. 

Course Certificate

We acknowledge the hard work and dedication required to improve your English communication skills through our advanced English program. Every step you take towards your fluency goal deserves recognition, so we offer a digital course completion certificate signed by your trainers upon completing the program's required tasks. We believe that all progress, no matter how small, should be rewarded and appreciated. You can showcase your efforts by attaching the certificate to your resume or displaying it on LinkedIn.

Trusted Content & Trainers

This Advanced English program is thoughtfully created to cater to the challenges encountered by non-native English speakers. The lesson plans of this English course are tailored to align with the current language trends, as the English language is constantly changing. Our English trainers, who have over a decade of experience teaching communicative English, are a reputable name in the learning community with millions of followers. This course is a creation of years of experience teaching English in classrooms. 

Dedicated Mobile App

A convenient mobile app on iOS and Android devices will allow you to access course content anytime and anywhere. With our user-friendly mobile app, learning has never been more accessible. Whether on the go or relaxing at home, you can access our course materials and video lessons from your mobile device. This feature provides you with the flexibility and convenience to fit language learning into your busy life. Join our program today and take the first step towards improving your English language skills on the go!


I am Hridhaan - An experienced linguist with ESL/EFL (English as a second/Foreign language teaching) qualifications from the University of Cambridge, the U.K. and GreyStone University, Canada. I have worked for about a decade at various international language schools- the International Language School of Canada, the British Council, Poland and the International House in Germany. I am fully and overwhelmingly dedicated to teaching. My Simple goal is to help people excel in their endeavours to speak like a STAR!


Hi there, I am Oriean, a TESOL-certified English teacher with 5+ years of experience building course modules from scratch. Building this course was a challenge, particularly the quizzes and listening exercises. I am sure you will have fun learning, as I have tried my best to simplify the most complex grammar concepts. While designing this course with my colleagues, Aakash and Hridhaan, my primary goal was to ensure students could implement the knowledge gained in real-life conversations. 

Aakash K

Hey, My lovely English learners. Building content and curating it for the digital format is my passion. This course results from my 12+ years of teaching communicative English on YouTube and professionals from the corporate world. While building this A1-C1 level English course series, I always had one thing in mind - How can I simplify things so students can use their learnings from this course immediately in the real world? And, I can say - goal accomplished. This course is an investment for your future to communicate effectively in English. 

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